Hi, I’m John!,

Growing up, I always enjoyed being in the kitchen. As a kid I used to do my homework in the kitchen, and gradually picked up basic knife skills and started helping my mother trim meat, cut up chicken and chop up herbs and vegetables.

The passion for food and trying new flavours was always strong and having a sister that tried new things and encouraged me to do so was quite impactful.

My interest for fine cooking didn’t fully kick in till my mid 20’s when I thought that I had to make a good choice about my eating habits. It is very easy to fall into an unhealthy routine of feeding on fast or processed foods. So one could either choose that route and stay in that routine, or learn a bit about the art and cook healthy, delicious, and enjoyable meals.

And so the journey began and here I am now. The enjoyment of my life is to have my three hardest critiques taste and comment on my meals, laugh about them around the table and ask them to challenge me more.

I cook a lot of Persian foods and kids are quite accustomed to them. You will see a bit of that influence on this site as well because I think the Persian cuisine is one that not many are familiar with and once introduced, I think you will enjoy it and can pick up some tips and flavours to make your own fusion.

I am extremely excited to share the launch of my brand – Nazari’s Touch line of premium spice blends.

Kickstarting it with three of my most popular blends – Za’atar Spice Blend, Taco Seasoning and Pulled Pork Dry Rub, they are made with premium ingredients, so you can expect nothing but excellent flavour and quality.

It’s been quite a journey and I’ve put all my years of experience and love of the culinary art into this passion project. 
They have all been tried and tested by a great number of foodie critiques who have encouraged me through this entire process. Please head to my store to see what’s out there and keep checking back as I release more amazing blends.